August 14

Galaxy Incorporated RPG

Galaxy Incorporated is an epic space fantasy roleplaying game set in a far-future utopia, and the human race has expanded throughout the galaxy.

Mega-Corporations run the galaxy with the help of worldwide Artificial Intelligence systems. These AI systems oversee the needs for every corporate citizen. Local AI systems carefully monitor corporate citizens and link to a world AI to help the bureaucrats balance all resources for everyone. Famine and disease are things of the past. Everything a citizen could ever need or want is provided for.

Player characters are part of a spaceship crew looking for a way to survive in a galaxy run by these interplanetary Mega-Corporations…


During the Great War, nanites were released that changed humanity. The Nanites ravaged the human-settled worlds for over 250 years, infecting people and technology alike. Within a few short months, the nanites wiped out 85% of the human race. Entire planets were lost or destroyed; others were made unlivable.

People learned to adapt and overcome. Nanotech became the basis of all technology; super-science and magic are an everyday part of life. Super AI computers run the worlds from behind the scenes and are slowly taking over.

Corporations quickly filled the gaps left by failed governments. Soon the corporations were the only salvation for the human race.

Watch for the Kickster to Start September 10th.

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