August 27

Game Mechanic – Reaction Pool

Reaction Pool:
Reaction Pool is the measure of how fast a character can react to a given situation and how fast he can get out of the way of an incoming attack. This is a done by adding ability the characters Coordination, Intellect and Will. This will give you the Reaction Time for the character.
Each character will have a pool of reaction points that can be used to modify Reaction Time or for defense. Once a point is assigned to a pool it cannot be used for anything else. If the character does not use all the points in the pool those points are lost at the end of the round.

  • Coordination – To react to something happening.
  • Intellect – How long it takes the mind to get around to realizing that something is happening
  • Will – To override the body’s natural reaction to what is happening.

Reaction pool is spent on 2 things, Initiative and defense.

  • Initiative – Points are spent to go faster in the round.
  • Defense – Points are spent to buy down damage in combat.


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