August 29

Getting Close to Kickstarter Time!

September 10th… Remember that date. September 10th. Not only is that my birthday, but it is the release date for Galaxy Incorporated. Peter and I have been working hard on get it this far. I have talked to several very good artist. Right now we have 30 pieces of art that we have commissioned for this project.

Right now here is the main artist:

Bradley K. McDevitt (profile). We have already commissioned 15 pieces of new art from Bradley and are looking to get more.

And were would a project be with out a master to do the page layout.

Eloy Lasanta (profile). Eloy is designing the page layout for Galaxy Incorporated.

The project is getting very very close.

One last link for you. Here is the preview of the kickstarter. Peter and I are recording the audio part of this this weekend. If I can get the darn microphones to record at something other then a whisper


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