September 8

Chapter 7 Planets

Most planets in Galaxy Incorporated are Terra-formed worlds. Mega-Corporation will pay a good price for new world that has not been registered in the Roll of Worlds. This is really the only way for a Mega-Corp to grow, add new worlds. But this takes time, a great deal of time. But, Mega-Corps don’t think in the terms of years so much as they do in terms of centuries. It can take 150 or more years for a world to be Terra-formed and then seeded with the correct organic life.

Once a new planet is found it is classified by an AI drone that is dropped off at the planet. Once it is confirmed that no sentient life forms are on the planet it becomes a new dump planet.

Dump Planets are planets where all the refuse from hundreds of world is simply dumped. Once enough matter has been placed on the planet, which normal takes about 50 years, the Terra-forming begins.

Terra-Forming a dump world start with millions of replication nanites being dropped off at the planet. They start converting the refuse in to useful matter. That matter will become the building block to Terra-form the planet. This can take up to 100 or more years.


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