September 15

Game Mechanic – Skill Challenges

A Skill challenge is any obstacle that a character needs to overcome, whether it is combat, opening a locked door, hacking a computer, or even social encounters.

The skill challenge roll in Galaxy Incorporated is:

Derived Ability Score + Ranks in a skill = Die pool

The number of keep dice is limited by the Core Attribute

The die pool is based on your attributes plus your skill ranks and any extra dice added for any qualities or specialties you made have that would apply. To this you will add any bonus dice for other characters or actions that may give you extra dice or promote or demote dice.  Once you have gotten your pool of dice.

All dice are rolled vs the die pool for the challenge.

All dice are roll in a batch, called a die pool. The die poll is made up of all dice normal, specialty, promoted, demoted and Quality Dice. This pool is used to determine the number of net hits.

Once the die pool is rolled, arrange them high to low. Compare them to the die pool of the storyteller who will roll a number of dice equal to the challenge level. Looking at each die, if your die beats the storytellers die you have 1 net hit; if the storytellers beats yours get 1 net hit. If the dice tie then the defender will win that net hit.

The Core Attribute score that the skill is listed under is the Maximum number of dice that can be kept in a skill challenge after rolling. Sometime in a skill challenge die pool the player will have more dice in their pool then there core attribute. Any dice over the core attribute are still rolled. But the number of keep dice cannot exceed the core attributes value.

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