September 27

Spot Light – Child of Action

In Galaxy Incorporated we talk about the Nanites swarms that infested everything, from people to technology, in the end that turned out to be the saving grace of the human race. I wanted to talk a little more about that and give some background info on one of the paths.

The swarms are still active in the human race; only about a third of the people are able to control them. They are called the Children of the Nanites.

There are 3 main swarms that infest the human race.They are the Child of Action, the Child of Machine and the Child of Thought.

I wanted to look at the Child of Action. I am hoping to get an NPC for the 2 other paths out soon.

Child of Action: The path of Child of Action is for those that chose action as their first course and normally the only course. You are one that likes to explore the unknown, go to new places. You have issues with just standing by and waiting. You do not rush in to things, you think and plan. But, if given the choice of action vs non-action, you will choose to act.

Ability: Child of Action spends their life fighting one form or another. They are prized in Collectives for their defensive of the collective. They are the first to voluntary for any off world travel. They are common among the travelers of the stars and found on the boarder. They do not have the Spells of the Technomages or the abilities of the Psychic. They are the master of weapons.

As a Child of Action, when your Quality Die or Specialty die score a net hit, you may active any quality or ability that a weapon may have.

Talent: The main Talent of the Child of Action is all ties go the child of action. Normally ties go to the defender. That is the case for most skill challenges. But, in a skill challenge with the child of action, all ties are in the favor of the child of action. Luck favors actions and those that take risks.

I will try to get an update out that breaks down each part of the character sheet.


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