September 30

Spot Light – Character Path – Child of Mind!

Last time we talked about the Child of Action, This week we will talk about Child of Mind!

As a Child of Mind you have the greatest flexibility of all the child paths, also the greatest draw backs of them. Like that of technomage you have problems dealing with weapons. They can us them like any other person, but the feel wrong in your hands.

When a Child of the Mind uses any weapons they are not able to power-up via any specialty or quality die. They are still able to use power-ups from other players, cover or other actions.

The psychics have the most options and the ability add additional power and abilities. As the psychic grow in power the psychic can learn from other schools of thought by spend experience to learn from those schools. The experience cost for psychic power is sliding cost as they have more options now how to spend it. The farther from their base school the more it will cost them to purchase the new powers.

Psychics also have to deal with Psychic Feedback when they use their abilities to much. This is should always be at the top of the psychic’s mind as they use their abilities. Psychics will build up feedback as they use their powers. The more often that a psychic use his powers the more feedback he will create.

Psychic feedback is mental fatigue and stress that a character has experiences when using psionic abilities; it represents how difficult it is to actively use or control the power that is within them. Any time the player make a psychic skill challenges and get no net hits or uses more than one psychic power in a round. The character will take Psychic feedback.

The psychic needs to make a moderate skill challenges vs the characters psychics dice pool. Each net hit that is scored by the psychic feedback is taken as damage to the characters spirit hit boxes. The player cannot offset this damage by any means.

Training as a Psychic is unlocked by one of 2 ways. The first by spending the characters Major Quality on the Psychic training, the character will be a fully Trained Psychic and have access to all the powers, abilities and the Psychic Talents of the Psychic school they have chosen.

The second is to purchase the parts of the Training as a Psychic and is unlocked by spending a minor quality to purchase a psychic power, ability or the talent from one of the schools of thought. Once you have chosen your first power, ability or the talent that school becomes your home school. The home school is used for calculating the cost for purchasing other powers from your or other schools.

The NPC Bryn is from the school of Biomancy. Biomancy is the study of the bodies’ natural cyclic patterns. The psychic learns the control of the physical, emotional, or mental activity that occurs in the life of a person.

Bryn is the ships doctor and healer. Bryn is good at talking and understanding people. He has a good bed side manner.

Talent Psychic body – With a simple thought the character can offset any wounds or damage condition that has an effect the character. The player makes a psychic skill challenge vs the moderate skill challenge. For each net hit the character can remove 1 wound or damage condition that they have taken.

Bryn _Psy_Healer

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