October 27

Kickstarter released funds to our bank today.

Now that we have funds I can officially send the artists the Request for Work!

We have been talking to them and they have started some of the work already.

This is what we Sent to Bradley.

A woman kneels in front of a control panel. She is wearing light armor but has removed the glove of her right hand and her fingers are gently touching the base of the panel. The panel is displaying a notice saying “access granted”.

Psychic holding together two halves of a breaking ship together. The psychic is standing on with a foot on either side of a crack running down the center of a room on a spaceship. She has her hands pressed against each other in front of her with a glowing aura around them. The crack is also glowing. Another crew member is kneeling behind her with a welding torch trying to repair the crack.

Blind folded child of action shooting a target. Shooter has a cloth blindfold on and is shooting at a target on a range. Three holes are in the target: one in the head and two center mass. The shooter is smiling and looks calm. Another individual holding a gun is standing in the station next to the child of action and looking confused.

A child of action is on the ground, holding a wound in his stomach. A technomancer is leaning over him (facing towards the viewer) pouring on a thick liquid (healing liquid containing nanomachines. The technomancer is concerned. The child of action is inpatient and in pain.

Psychic in profile extending a hand forward as a blaster’s energy beam deflects off of an energy barrier projected in front of them. The psychic is a man with short cropped hair and a confident smirk. He is wearing a uniform with no company logo. The spot on the shoulder where the logo should be torn and rough, as if the patch had been ripped off.

A child of action is on the ground, holding a wound in his stomach. A technomancer is leaning over him (facing towards the viewer) pouring on a thick liquid (healing liquid containing nanomachines. The technomancer is concerned. The child of action is inpatient and in pain.

A board room filled with men and women in suits with the Royal Trade Company logo. Above them hangs a picture of the company founder. The founder is smirking. The board members are arguing. The one at the head of the table is pointing up to the picture while shouting and pounding his other fist onto the table. Two of the board members are clearly holograms.

People stand in a line waiting to speak to a man in a suit with a company logo on the shoulder. There are six people all in the same work clothes but the six people are of different sexes and races. The man in the suit is checking a document displaying on a screen and looking unconvinced. The one worker currently speaking to him is gesturing at the screen and at his own face.

Psychic using the Blink power on a Child of Action and show him hitting 3 or 4 Pirates with a Vibro blade. Show the child of action blurring to each target and striking it.

Technomage in Cyberspace combating a Rogue AI system in with spells and Daemons being used to fight the cyberspace projects of the AI.

Faces of Different Backgrounds. Medical, Lawbreaker type things.

Show a technomage with a thick fiber optic cable running around and through the him. Controlled by something Wrong and Twisted. Rogue AI Core.

This is the work we sent to Peter:

Child of action and a robot point guns at each other. A technomancer stands between, arms raised to try and talk both sides down. The robot is poorly made and barely holding itself together. The child of action has bruises and scrapes on his face and looks angry. The technomancer looks concerned.

A man in a corporate suit and a child of action are shaking hands. The suit is frowning and offering a data pad. The child of action is smirking and reaching out for the pad.

A psychic with their hands extended towards a ship that has a hole punched into the side of it as if struck by a hurled object. The ship is an in atmosphere ship with engines directed downwards for hovering purposes and is currently slightly off balance. Several large pieces of cement are falling away from the ship, the remains of the chunk thrown at the ship.

A child of action in a space suit running along the side of a spaceship, firing behind themselves trying to hit two other people in space suits. The chasers are pirates with patches and skull images on their suits. The ship they are running on appears to be in orbit around a barren moon.

Two characters operating a ship. There is a massive control panel in front of them and a view screen showing a very large image of a planet (the planet is so large it does not completely fit on the screen). The two characters are shouting at one another with one gesturing at the planet on the screen urgently while the other is hitting buttons on the control panel.

Different views of the life as a Corporate Citizen.

A Rogue AI that has taken control of a Core AI Jump Ship. Show the ship twisted and evil looking

Core AI Jump ship in Space combat with Pirates.

Show a technomage with a thick fiber optic cable running around and through the him. Controlled by something Wrong and Twisted. Rogue AI Core maybe.

This is the Cover Art Request for Eric:

Ship Core, A Core is a sphere shaped generator roughly three meters in diameter. It should have various technically access points dotted seemingly randomly around it and rest in a depression that presents it from rolling around. Its design should border on the inhuman with mostly smooth lines marred by the aforementioned access points and occasional missing square of covering. These missing squares should reveal the inside of the core: sparking wires and jumbles of continuously curving tubes, no straight lines should appear inside of the core.

Add clearly improvised patches in places: squares replaced off center or tilted; wield lines; or globs of glue or even gum. The room in which it rests should look clean but poorly made. Spare parts and repair work on the floors and walls. Lots of tubes on the walls. Several cables should run from the walls to access points on the sphere.

Psychic Left hand pressed again the wall. Next to the hand is a 3-foot-wide jagged hole in the hull over which a dome of energy extends from the fingertips of the psychic. Right hand is extended towards a pirate and clinched into a fist, also with a glow of energy surrounding it. The pirate at which the psychic is pointing is in the process of being hurled backwards as if being strike in the chest by a great force.

Technomancer Kneeling partly hidden behind the curve of the core with the finger tips of his left hand touching the surface of the core. A faint glow surrounds the left hand. A panel on the far side of the sphere is flying through the air, dented out, and a column of flame is erupting from the gap. The technomancer has interfaced with the core and asked it to vent superheated gases through a blocked panel, creating the gout of flame to strike a pirate who is now aflame and falling backwards. Right hand is extended outwards, as if pressing invisible buttons with his fingers, again with a slight glow.

A control panel on the far side of the room is glowing and the door it is connected with is sliding closed. Several more pirates are visible in the gap. The technomancer has interfaced with the door controls and asked the door to seal itself to prevent pirate reinforcements.

Child of Action Standing front and center, a weapon in each hand and several (presumably empty) weapons tossed to the ground at his feet). Right hand is raised and holding a single handed laser weapon. The weapon has what look like vapor trails of superheated discharge coming from its barrel. No visible sign of recoil.


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October 9

11 Hours Remaining and We are at 140% funded!!!

CaptainFaceGalaxy Incorporated​ Kickstarter has only 11 Hours Remaining! We are at 140%. WOW!!!

Wanted to let you all know that Peter and I will be meeting tomorrow @ 10am (pst) to go over the plan to get this project out on time and within budget. I will have a better update tomorrow afternoon, once Peter and I have a chance to finish the plans.

Peter and I have also decided that we are going to release the rules as OGL even if we don’t hit the stretch goal level. We really want to support the open gaming community. With releasing this as a OGL project we can do just that.


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October 8

Spot Light – Child of Mind – Thermokinesis

Rayia- ThermokinesisSchool of Thermokinesis

The Character can manipulate the movement the nanites the in the form of kinetic energy between nanites: the greater the movement of these nanites, the greater the thermal energy and reversed.


Prerequisites: None

The psychic can speed up the Nanites in an object or person. The psychic can allow that object to move faster. A Psychic skill challenge vs a moderate challenge. For each net hit the player add 1 meter to the target base speed for that round. The target must be visible to the unaided vision of the character.

This is action can be combined with a Move Action for the character.


Prerequisites: faster

The psychic can speed up the Nanites in a target. The psychic can allow that target to move faster. A Psychic makes a skill challenge vs a normal challenge. If the psychic wins the challenge, gets more net hits, the target can take an additional action on their turn. If the target has already acted the target takes an action. The target must be visible to the unaided vision of the character.

This action is declared and determined in per-initiative. The additional action takes place on the targets normal Initiative round.


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October 5

Spot Light – Child of the Machine

JamesThe path of the Child of Machine is built on relationships with the Nanites that are part of the machines, computers and devices around them. You have a better understanding of the world of the AI and Machines than the human world you walk through.

The Child of the Machine is the path of the Technomancer.

Due to their closeness with the nanites inside them, they have issues with the nanites in weapons and some equipment. They can use them like any other person, but the feel wrong in your hand.

When I Child of the Machine uses a weapon they are not able to power-up via any specialty or quality die. They are still able to use power-up dice from other player and other combat situations.


Technomancer, Technomage call then what you will, by any word they are the true masters of the Nanites. Their understanding of the working of nanites allows them to control them and cast them forth to do their will and bidding.

The Technomages mind lives in both cyberspace and in the physical world. They are able to interact both world. They are able to communicate with most devices, computers and AI system. They have spent much of their time interacting with the cyber world. Because of this, Technomages have issues with dealing with people.

Access to Technomancer Abilities, talents and Spells is unlocked by one of 2 ways. The first by spending the characters Major Quality on the Technomancer training, the character will be a full Technomancer and have access to all the powers, abilities and the Technomancers Talents. The player will also have a rank in the Technomancer guild. His Rank is determined by the number of Ranks the player has in the Technomancy skill. A player with 2 ranks in Technomancer will be a Rank 2 Mage.

The second is to purchase the parts of the Technomancer that the player wishes to play. By spending a minor quality, the character will be able to purchase a Technomancers spell or the Technomancers talent. With the first minor quality spent on a Technomancy spell or talent the character will also gains the abilities of the Technomage. One minor will unlock 1 spell, ability or talent if the player does not spend their major to purchase trained. The character will need to define who and or how he was trained. If the character wants to start as a part of the Technomancers Guild, he may do so.


Child of the Machine has spent their life building up relationships with AI and other devices. Child of the Machine would never hack his way into a device that has an AI. That is just rude and not very nice. To the Child of the Machine the AI is a life form. Child of the Machine would use diplomacy and other social skill when interact with the AI system.

A Child of the Machine may replace any social or hacking skill ranks with their ranks of Technomancy skill when interacting with an AI.


Every Technomage has a relationship with all technology. They simply talk the same language as the machine. This is both a blessing and a curse. Because the Techno mages mind is so interlinked with technology they have problems dealing with normal people. Mages can use social skills to gain favor with devices that have a high enough AI.

Nanotech Mind – The Technomage can talk to all tech devices as if he was talking to any other person. They natively understand the Technomage and he understands them. When interacting with any devices that has an AI WILL ability score above zero, they can choose to add an additional 1d8 dice to the skill pool for each rank the Technomage has in Technomancy to any social roll vs the AI system or device he is in contact with.

As a result of working with the AI and other computer interfaces. They have lost part of your ability to interact with the people around them. Any time you are in a social challenge that does not include an interaction with an AI; for each rank in Technomancy you have taken, down grade the same number of dice in your social die pool. If the Technomage has the Spell Class of Devices, he may use this ability at range of the Use Device Spell.

Major Quality:

If you spend your Major on Technomancer training, they will gain all the abilities and talents of a full Technomage. Those that follow this path hold the title of Technomancer and have learned the ways of sorcery and the magic of technology. They can also spend their Minors to purchase their Technomancy Spells.

If you don’t spend you Major Quality on Technomancer training, you are will need to spend a minTechnomageHoodor to purchase each of the abilities, talents and spells. Each minor quality spent will unlock one of the ability, talent or a spell. Each additional minor may be purchase with experience points and then spent on unlocking an additional ability, talent or spell. The player may choose which of them they wish to purchase.


People are taught that the Spells of Technomancy are based on Signs and Sigil. Parts of this is true, they are used mostly to focus the mind and powers of the Technomage. Their magic is based on a high level of understanding of nano-tech. They have learned how to control the nanites in the tech and world around them. They are the true masters of all nanite technology.

The Technomancers Codex Device gives them their conduit though which their spells are able to interact with the world. The Technomage can still cast any spells he has in memory without the Codex Device, but will be unable to regain any new spells and change spells. Technomancy Spell Classes are purchased with minor qualities. A beginning character has two minor qualities each may be spent on spell from either of the 2 Spell Classes.



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October 1

Character Creation

The players all start as Corporate Citizens and part of a community called a Collective. The players are all from the same Collective that they help to support and grow. Each player starts as the newest generations from the Collectives schools, being somewhere between the ages of 16 and 24 year old. A Collective is normally made up of the Corporate Citizens on a single floor of a Strato-Tower. Each Strato-Tower will have over 200 or more floors. Each floor of the strato-towers is 200 meters per side or more and can house thousands of family units. Each floor as all the resources that the Collective will need, shops, restaurants. Schools and other facilities needed for a small town to support themselves.

The local bureaucrats will work with the Floor AI that in turn with the Strato-Tower bureaucrats and AIs to order all the resources that a Strato-Tower will need. All this data is feed to the World AI to make sure that the resources need at a planet level is order and shipped. Then it is paid for by the resources of each floor of the Strato-tower.

The Collectives are the centers of the player’s world. The players are all part of the same Collective and are working to build the Collectives in to a more resourceful and powerful bodies in the Mega-Corporation worlds. As their Collective grows in resources and power the more it can influence the Mega-Corporation and its Stock Rating.

Before creating your new space faring character, you will need to create the ship and the Artificial Intelligence for the Jump Core. The AI Core is often called player Zero. The ship’s Core AI is a Non Player Character that is played by the storyteller. The AI is a member of the ship’s crew as much as any other player is. The AI will get a share of the experience that the party earns and will level up as the players do.

Once you have created the basic ship, you need to think of your role on the ship. The basic question of “what do I do on the ship” should always be what guides you to create your character. In Galaxy Incorporated the characters are part of the ship’s crew. This does not really have an impact on gameplay, but helps to fix the mind-set for party cohesion.

These are a few main roles on the ship that should be filled during character creation. Some roles can be filled by more than one person. The Engineer can also be a Pilot but he would not have as good of a rating as a character that was just a Pilot or just an Engineer.

  • Captain
  • Pilot
  • Engineer
  • Doctor
  • Bureaucrat
  • Gunner
  • Tough Guy
  • Steward

Galaxy incorporated is designed for the party of players to work as a group. Most challenges more than one player can work together to complete the challenge. In most roleplaying games you need abilities and skills that represent what your character can do in the game. In Galaxy Incorporated we have 3 primary abilities called Core Attributes, and 6 Derived Abilities. The Core Attributes define the extent a character may interact with the world around him. These are the main statistics of your character and should be chosen with care. No character can be good at everything. Pick your role in the party and build to that role. This is a game designed around a party working together. The 3 Core Attributes are Body, Mind and Spirit. The Core Attribute scores are the number of dice you can keep for a roll as part of a skill challenge. Core Attributes give you the overview of your characters strengths and weaknesses. Some characters will be better at some skills than others, which is part of life.

Each Core Attribute is broken down into 2 Derived Abilities. These Abilities are used to determine the amount of influence that players can extend to any given task. This number also shows the number of dice that can be added to a skill challenge roll.


The physical power and control of the character

 Brawn: The combination of Physical Strength and Mass.
 Coordination: Physical reaction to something happening

The ability to recall data and use facts

 Reasoning: The ability to learn or puzzle through a riddle.
Intellect: The mind’s ability to react to situations and recall information.

The will and psychic power of your character

 Will: This is integrity and wisdom. Common Sense.
 Power: Magical aptitude and  Spell Points

Core Attributes

Galaxy Incorporated uses an allotment system. In the allotment system you are given an array of numbers to assign to your Core Attributes.

The storyteller will tell you which of the starting allotment will be used. Then the number array can be assigned in any order you wish.

Allotment 5, 4, 3

Assign the starting allotment to your Core Attributes in the order of your choice. Each Number can only be used once. In the example below we have assigned the allotment in the following order using a trained Allotment:

Core Attributes
Body 3
Mind 4
Spirit 5

Derived Abilities

After the core attributes have been assigned, divide the Core attribute score between the two Derived Abilities that are associated with the core attribute. Do this for each Core attribute. Each derived ability must have at least 1 point assigned it and all points must be used. In the example below we have assigned all of the allotted numbers to the Core attributes. Then we assigned the points from the Core Attributes to the Derived Ability.

Here we see that a starting character. We assigned his points in the follow allotment. Then they divided the Core Attributes into the Derived Abilities.

Body 3 Brawn 1
Coordination 2
Mind 4 Reasoning 2
Intellect 2
Spirit 5 Will 2
Power 3

The Basic skill challenge roll in Galaxy Incorporated is:

Derived Ability Score + Ranks in a skill = Die pool

The number of keep dice is limited by the Core Attribute

Reaction Pool:

Next we calculate the reaction pool. The Reaction Pool is the measure of how fast a character can react to a given situation. This is a done by adding the characters Coordination, Intellect and Will. Then divide this number by 2. This will give you the points in the Reaction Pool for your character.

The reaction points can be used to modify the character’s Initiative or for defense. Once a point is assigned to a pool it cannot be used for anything else that round. If the character does not use all the points in the pool those points are lost at the end of the round. All point refresh at the start of the new round.

  • Coordination – To react to something happening.
  • Intellect – How long it takes the mind to get around to realizing that something is happening
  • Will – To override the body’s natural reaction to what is happening.

Reaction pool is spent on 2 things, Initiative and defense.

  • Initiative – Points are spent to go faster in the round.
  • Defense – Points are spent to buy down damage in combat.

Points in the Defense Pool can only buy down physical damage marked on the Body Damage Track, however it was caused. You cannot use these points to buy off damage from social or mental damage.

All points refresh at the start of a new round.

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