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Character Creation

The players all start as Corporate Citizens and part of a community called a Collective. The players are all from the same Collective that they help to support and grow. Each player starts as the newest generations from the Collectives schools, being somewhere between the ages of 16 and 24 year old. A Collective is normally made up of the Corporate Citizens on a single floor of a Strato-Tower. Each Strato-Tower will have over 200 or more floors. Each floor of the strato-towers is 200 meters per side or more and can house thousands of family units. Each floor as all the resources that the Collective will need, shops, restaurants. Schools and other facilities needed for a small town to support themselves.

The local bureaucrats will work with the Floor AI that in turn with the Strato-Tower bureaucrats and AIs to order all the resources that a Strato-Tower will need. All this data is feed to the World AI to make sure that the resources need at a planet level is order and shipped. Then it is paid for by the resources of each floor of the Strato-tower.

The Collectives are the centers of the player’s world. The players are all part of the same Collective and are working to build the Collectives in to a more resourceful and powerful bodies in the Mega-Corporation worlds. As their Collective grows in resources and power the more it can influence the Mega-Corporation and its Stock Rating.

Before creating your new space faring character, you will need to create the ship and the Artificial Intelligence for the Jump Core. The AI Core is often called player Zero. The ship’s Core AI is a Non Player Character that is played by the storyteller. The AI is a member of the ship’s crew as much as any other player is. The AI will get a share of the experience that the party earns and will level up as the players do.

Once you have created the basic ship, you need to think of your role on the ship. The basic question of “what do I do on the ship” should always be what guides you to create your character. In Galaxy Incorporated the characters are part of the ship’s crew. This does not really have an impact on gameplay, but helps to fix the mind-set for party cohesion.

These are a few main roles on the ship that should be filled during character creation. Some roles can be filled by more than one person. The Engineer can also be a Pilot but he would not have as good of a rating as a character that was just a Pilot or just an Engineer.

  • Captain
  • Pilot
  • Engineer
  • Doctor
  • Bureaucrat
  • Gunner
  • Tough Guy
  • Steward

Galaxy incorporated is designed for the party of players to work as a group. Most challenges more than one player can work together to complete the challenge. In most roleplaying games you need abilities and skills that represent what your character can do in the game. In Galaxy Incorporated we have 3 primary abilities called Core Attributes, and 6 Derived Abilities. The Core Attributes define the extent a character may interact with the world around him. These are the main statistics of your character and should be chosen with care. No character can be good at everything. Pick your role in the party and build to that role. This is a game designed around a party working together. The 3 Core Attributes are Body, Mind and Spirit. The Core Attribute scores are the number of dice you can keep for a roll as part of a skill challenge. Core Attributes give you the overview of your characters strengths and weaknesses. Some characters will be better at some skills than others, which is part of life.

Each Core Attribute is broken down into 2 Derived Abilities. These Abilities are used to determine the amount of influence that players can extend to any given task. This number also shows the number of dice that can be added to a skill challenge roll.


The physical power and control of the character

 Brawn: The combination of Physical Strength and Mass.
 Coordination: Physical reaction to something happening

The ability to recall data and use facts

 Reasoning: The ability to learn or puzzle through a riddle.
Intellect: The mind’s ability to react to situations and recall information.

The will and psychic power of your character

 Will: This is integrity and wisdom. Common Sense.
 Power: Magical aptitude and  Spell Points

Core Attributes

Galaxy Incorporated uses an allotment system. In the allotment system you are given an array of numbers to assign to your Core Attributes.

The storyteller will tell you which of the starting allotment will be used. Then the number array can be assigned in any order you wish.

Allotment 5, 4, 3

Assign the starting allotment to your Core Attributes in the order of your choice. Each Number can only be used once. In the example below we have assigned the allotment in the following order using a trained Allotment:

Core Attributes
Body 3
Mind 4
Spirit 5

Derived Abilities

After the core attributes have been assigned, divide the Core attribute score between the two Derived Abilities that are associated with the core attribute. Do this for each Core attribute. Each derived ability must have at least 1 point assigned it and all points must be used. In the example below we have assigned all of the allotted numbers to the Core attributes. Then we assigned the points from the Core Attributes to the Derived Ability.

Here we see that a starting character. We assigned his points in the follow allotment. Then they divided the Core Attributes into the Derived Abilities.

Body 3 Brawn 1
Coordination 2
Mind 4 Reasoning 2
Intellect 2
Spirit 5 Will 2
Power 3

The Basic skill challenge roll in Galaxy Incorporated is:

Derived Ability Score + Ranks in a skill = Die pool

The number of keep dice is limited by the Core Attribute

Reaction Pool:

Next we calculate the reaction pool. The Reaction Pool is the measure of how fast a character can react to a given situation. This is a done by adding the characters Coordination, Intellect and Will. Then divide this number by 2. This will give you the points in the Reaction Pool for your character.

The reaction points can be used to modify the character’s Initiative or for defense. Once a point is assigned to a pool it cannot be used for anything else that round. If the character does not use all the points in the pool those points are lost at the end of the round. All point refresh at the start of the new round.

  • Coordination – To react to something happening.
  • Intellect – How long it takes the mind to get around to realizing that something is happening
  • Will – To override the body’s natural reaction to what is happening.

Reaction pool is spent on 2 things, Initiative and defense.

  • Initiative – Points are spent to go faster in the round.
  • Defense – Points are spent to buy down damage in combat.

Points in the Defense Pool can only buy down physical damage marked on the Body Damage Track, however it was caused. You cannot use these points to buy off damage from social or mental damage.

All points refresh at the start of a new round.

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