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Spot Light – Child of the Machine

JamesThe path of the Child of Machine is built on relationships with the Nanites that are part of the machines, computers and devices around them. You have a better understanding of the world of the AI and Machines than the human world you walk through.

The Child of the Machine is the path of the Technomancer.

Due to their closeness with the nanites inside them, they have issues with the nanites in weapons and some equipment. They can use them like any other person, but the feel wrong in your hand.

When I Child of the Machine uses a weapon they are not able to power-up via any specialty or quality die. They are still able to use power-up dice from other player and other combat situations.


Technomancer, Technomage call then what you will, by any word they are the true masters of the Nanites. Their understanding of the working of nanites allows them to control them and cast them forth to do their will and bidding.

The Technomages mind lives in both cyberspace and in the physical world. They are able to interact both world. They are able to communicate with most devices, computers and AI system. They have spent much of their time interacting with the cyber world. Because of this, Technomages have issues with dealing with people.

Access to Technomancer Abilities, talents and Spells is unlocked by one of 2 ways. The first by spending the characters Major Quality on the Technomancer training, the character will be a full Technomancer and have access to all the powers, abilities and the Technomancers Talents. The player will also have a rank in the Technomancer guild. His Rank is determined by the number of Ranks the player has in the Technomancy skill. A player with 2 ranks in Technomancer will be a Rank 2 Mage.

The second is to purchase the parts of the Technomancer that the player wishes to play. By spending a minor quality, the character will be able to purchase a Technomancers spell or the Technomancers talent. With the first minor quality spent on a Technomancy spell or talent the character will also gains the abilities of the Technomage. One minor will unlock 1 spell, ability or talent if the player does not spend their major to purchase trained. The character will need to define who and or how he was trained. If the character wants to start as a part of the Technomancers Guild, he may do so.


Child of the Machine has spent their life building up relationships with AI and other devices. Child of the Machine would never hack his way into a device that has an AI. That is just rude and not very nice. To the Child of the Machine the AI is a life form. Child of the Machine would use diplomacy and other social skill when interact with the AI system.

A Child of the Machine may replace any social or hacking skill ranks with their ranks of Technomancy skill when interacting with an AI.


Every Technomage has a relationship with all technology. They simply talk the same language as the machine. This is both a blessing and a curse. Because the Techno mages mind is so interlinked with technology they have problems dealing with normal people. Mages can use social skills to gain favor with devices that have a high enough AI.

Nanotech Mind – The Technomage can talk to all tech devices as if he was talking to any other person. They natively understand the Technomage and he understands them. When interacting with any devices that has an AI WILL ability score above zero, they can choose to add an additional 1d8 dice to the skill pool for each rank the Technomage has in Technomancy to any social roll vs the AI system or device he is in contact with.

As a result of working with the AI and other computer interfaces. They have lost part of your ability to interact with the people around them. Any time you are in a social challenge that does not include an interaction with an AI; for each rank in Technomancy you have taken, down grade the same number of dice in your social die pool. If the Technomage has the Spell Class of Devices, he may use this ability at range of the Use Device Spell.

Major Quality:

If you spend your Major on Technomancer training, they will gain all the abilities and talents of a full Technomage. Those that follow this path hold the title of Technomancer and have learned the ways of sorcery and the magic of technology. They can also spend their Minors to purchase their Technomancy Spells.

If you don’t spend you Major Quality on Technomancer training, you are will need to spend a minTechnomageHoodor to purchase each of the abilities, talents and spells. Each minor quality spent will unlock one of the ability, talent or a spell. Each additional minor may be purchase with experience points and then spent on unlocking an additional ability, talent or spell. The player may choose which of them they wish to purchase.


People are taught that the Spells of Technomancy are based on Signs and Sigil. Parts of this is true, they are used mostly to focus the mind and powers of the Technomage. Their magic is based on a high level of understanding of nano-tech. They have learned how to control the nanites in the tech and world around them. They are the true masters of all nanite technology.

The Technomancers Codex Device gives them their conduit though which their spells are able to interact with the world. The Technomage can still cast any spells he has in memory without the Codex Device, but will be unable to regain any new spells and change spells. Technomancy Spell Classes are purchased with minor qualities. A beginning character has two minor qualities each may be spent on spell from either of the 2 Spell Classes.



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