November 16

Rough Cover Art Draft

Got the Rough Draft of the Cover. It is looking AWESOME!!! I dropped it in Photoshop to see how it will look with the text overlay. OMG! The art is coming along AWESOME! We sent some small changes to Eric Lofgren for some small updates. But he is totally nailing the work Peter and I have for the cover. This is still rough and is the starting point. It will change as we give more feed back.


You have the 3 main character types, Child of Action, Child of Mind, and Child of Machine.

Peter is well on the way to having the 12 Mega-Corps done. Then we will start working in the faction system based on them and the ideas and feedback from the Backers.

In other art related news- The gave the corporation names to Simon – He will be adding them in soon. This looks really nice guys. Wait till you guys get a chance to see it. I should have something soon on this as well.

We got 2 pieces almost done from Peter Saga. The Core he is doing really has the feel that we are looking for. He is also working on one of the Core AI Jump Ships. It is really looking good.


Simplified Standardized Design Core Ships are all built on the same basic frame.

Jump Core


Ship Core is at the center of a ship. A ships core is the old Jump system of ships from a bygone age used throughout the galaxy. The core of a ship provides all the power for the ships as well as the navigation systems for the ship.


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