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Character Creation – 10 Easy Steps

Character Creation

Galaxy Incorporated game mechanics are designed for a co-operative play style. To accomplish many of the tasks the storyteller may throw at the party, they will need to work together as a group. Some players will need to assist other players in completing task and skill challenges.

Galaxy Incorporated is designed so that players who do not have a direct action can use their actions to assist other players in the form of power ups. That will be discussed in the skill challenges section later. For now, remember to build your ship’s crew as a group and to balance with the other players. When the players are forming the ship’s crew it is often best to build your character to the role they will be playing in the party and their part in the crew.

There are Nine Steps are creating a Character. We will go into more details in each section.

Step Zero – Work with the storyteller to Create your Ship’s AI

The ships AI is a core part of the player experience and should not be over looked. The Ship’s AI is created a lot like a normal player is. The Storyteller should have an idea of the AI personality and how it will interact with the party.

Step One – Choose your Nanite Swarm

The Nanite Swarm is the type of nanite that your player is infested with. Everyone and thing is infested with some type of nanite. The player is better able to control and interact with those nanites that they are infested with. This is what gives the players their abilities, spells and other powers.

  • Child of Action: they are headstrong, always first in to combat, deep space explorers.
  • Child of the Machine: they are the Technomancers and people with deep understanding of machines and computers. Problems with people.
  • Child of Mind: They are the thinkers and are the psychic’s and those that understand the way of people.

Step Two – Choose your Role on the Ship

Each player will have a role to fill on the ship. This is how the player pay their way and what duties they have on the ship. This is mostly for roleplay and storyline. Galaxy Incorporated RPG is a story based game.

  • Captain
  • Pilot
  • Engineer
  • Doctor
  • Bureaucrat
  • Gunner
  • Tough Guy
  • Steward

Step Three – Assign your Attributes Allotment 5, 4, 3

This is the first step in creating your physical parts of your character.

  • Assign Core Attributes: Body, Mind and Spirit

Step Four – Divide the Core attribute score between the two Derived Abilities.

Step four is about defining your ability to interact with the world. As galaxy Incorporated RPG is a storytelling co-op game – You should work with the other player that will make up the rest of the ship’s crew to make the best of how and who will do what type of actions.


  • Brawn: Physical Power, Mass and Muscle power.
  • Coordination: Hand eye coordination, Grace, Reflexes.


  • Reasoning: To puzzle though something. To find a hidden logic based clue. Common Sense
  • Intellect: Learned and Remember. To recall or remember a piece of information or data. Knowledge and learned information skills.


  • Will: Personal Mental fortitude. Your personal Presence and Confidence.
  • Power: Raw Magical Aptitude. Person Control of your Nanites. Luck

Step Five – Choose your Background and Note Starting Skills

This is where you start to define your skills and powers. It is best to build toward the nanite child type that was chosen on step 1.

  • Athlete
  • Bureaucrat
  • Colonist
  • Construction engineer
  • Corporate Enforcer
  • Customer Services
  • Diplomat
  • Educator
  • Engineer
  • Entertainer
  • Ex-Corporation Officer
  • Ex-CorpsPsy
  • Lawbreaker
  • Medical
  • Worker
  • Pilot
  • Transporter

Step Six – Assign 3 additional skill points to any skill.

After you have chosen your background and skills that go with it; you have 3 additional skill points to assign to any skill. This may be one that you already have or a new skill. If you are playing a Technomage or Psychic, this is where you can assign starting points to those skills.

Step Seven – Choose 2 Specialties from the skills you are trained in.

These are the skills that you are your core skills. They can be any skill that you are trained in. You cannot pick a specialty that you are skilled in.

Step Eight – Choose your Major Quality

You get one major quality that is the main represents your flavor. If you are a Psychic or Technomage you may want to assign your major quality to that so you can unlock all the powers of your nanites.

  • A Major Quality represents a broad field of study or an area of knowledge.
  • Training as a Technomage
  • Training as a Psychic

Step Nine – Choose your 2 Minor Qualities

This is where you shine. You get to pick 2 minor qualities that will define you as a player. This is a simple one-line statement about you. When this statement can be used it will add additional dice to your pool.

  • A minor is used to add additional understanding and expertise in a skills or just a talent that a character has with a skill or device.

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