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Character Creation – 11 quick Steps

Character Creation

Galaxy Incorporated game mechanics are designed for a cooperative play style. To accomplish many of the tasks the storyteller will throw at the party, the players will need to assist each other in completing task and skill challenges.

Galaxy Incorporated is designed so that players who do not have a direct action can use their actions to assist other players in the form of power ups (discussed in the Skill Challenges section later). For now, remember to build your ship’s crew as a group and to balance with the other players. When the players are forming the ship’s crew, it is often best to build your character to the role they will be playing in the party and their part in the crew.

NPC_SmailingJackSMThere are Eleven Steps to creating a Character. We will go into more details of each of the sections below later in the chapter.

Step Zero – Work with the storyteller to Create your Ship’s AI

The ship’s AI is a core part of the player experience and should not be overlooked.  The Ship’s AI is created a lot like a normal character is. The Storyteller should have an idea of the AI’s personality and how it will interact with the party.

Step One – Choose your Nanite Swarm

The Nanite Swarm is the type of nanite colony that your character has inside of them. Everyone and everything is infested with some type of nanite and often with multiple kinds. Player characters are better able to control and interact with those nanites and gain significant advantages. This is what gives the characters their abilities, spells, and other powers. To characters in the game, these abilities feel natural, an extension of their normal skills.

  • Child of Action: Children of Action are headstrong, always first into combat, deep space explorers. They tend to come out ahead in tight situations and get the most out of weapons and equipment.
  • Child of the Machine: Children of the Machine, a.k.a.Technomancers, are people with a deep understanding of machines and computers. They often have problems with people because they develop an uncomfortable empathy with un-living machines.
  • Child of Mind: Children of the Mind are thinkers and have a connection to psychic abilities. They get the most out of psychic modifications; they also benefit from and have a greater understanding of the human mind.

Step Two – Choose your Role on the Ship

Each character has a role to fill on the ship. This is how the character pays their way and defines how they contribute to the well-being of the ship and crew. These roles are mostly for roleplay and storyline; they provide structure to the party’s behavior and potential connections to other NPCs. Galaxy Incorporated RPG is a story-based game, so use these traits as jumping off points for individualized stories.

Example roles: Captain, Pilot, Gunner, Doctor, Steward, Mechanic, Bodyguard

Step Three – Assign your Core Attributes

This is the first step in creating the physical parts of your character. Each character has a value allotment of 5, 4, and 3 to assign to all Core Attributes, using each value exactly once.

  • Body sets the overall cap for Keep Dice on all physical actions. Keep Dice are explained in detail in the combat challenge sections of the book. Having a high Body means a character is more competent with physical challenges and most combat encounters. It is most closely linked with Children of Action.
  • Mind sets the cap for Keep Dice for most mental and social actions. Having a high Mind means a character is more likely to succeed during intellectual and social challenges. Children of the Machine are likely to have high Mind ratings.
  • Spirit sets the cap for Keep Dice for supernatural actions. Having a high Spirit makes a character more likely to come out ahead during struggles of willpower,such as resisting psychic effects or enduring interrogation. Children of Mind often have high Spirit scores.

Step Four – Divide each Core Attribute’s value between its two Derived Abilities. Derived Abilities are combined with Skill Ratings (see below) to determine base dice pools.


The physical power and control of the character.

  • Brawn: Physical power, mass, muscle power.
  • Coordination: Hand-eye coordination, grace, reflexes.


The ability to recall data and use facts. Mental acuity.

  • Reasoning: To puzzle though something. To find a hidden logic-based clue. Common sense.
  • Intellect: Learning and remembering. To recall or remember a piece of information or data.  Knowledge and learned information skills.


Personal willpower. Psychic and magical power of your character.

  • Will: Personal mental fortitude. Your personal presence and confidence.
  • Power: Raw magical aptitude. Personal control of your Nanites. Luck.

Step Five – Define your character’s ability to interact with the world.

Your Reaction Pool is used to defend against attacks in combat and to determine order of action. To determine a character’s Reaction Pool, add together Coordination, Intellect, and Will, then divide the total by two (round down). As Galaxy Incorporated RPG is a cooperative storytelling game, players should work with each other to build a party with diverse abilities.

Step Six – Choose your Background

This is where you start to define your character’s skills and powers. Each of the Backgrounds has four starting skills (which all begin at Rank One) and a special ability. It is generally mechanically superior to build toward the nanite type that was chosen during Step One, but players are not required to do so. You can find a full description of each Background and their skills later in this chapter.

Step Seven – Assign 3 additional skill points to any skills.

After you have chosen your Background, you have 3 additional skill points to assign to any skills available to your Background. You may assign a second rank to one of your starting skills or take the first rank of any new skill. You may not start with more than two ranks in any skill. If you are planning on playing a Child of the Mind or a Child of the Machine, this is where you can assign starting points to their restricted skills: Psychic and Technomancy, respectively.

Step Eight – Choose 2 Specialties from the skills you are trained in.

These are the skills that your character is the most practiced in and have developed as your character’s area of special expertise. Pick a sub-set within a skill, such as “jumping” within the Athletics skill. When using a skill in a circumstance covered by the specialty, the character gains a Specialty Die (see Specialty Skills in Corporate Life). You cannot pick a specialty for a skill you have no ranks in.

Step Nine – Choose your Major Quality

You get one Major Quality which reflects the core concept of your character. In situations where your core concept would apply, this quality awards a bonus die of 1d10. If you are planning on playing a Psychic or Technomage you must assign your Major Quality to one of those areas so you can unlock all the powers of your nanites.

  • A Major Quality representing a broad field of study or an area of knowledge.
  • Training as a Technomage
  • Training as a Psychic

Step Ten – Choose your 2 Minor Qualities

You get to pick 2 Minor Qualities that will help define you as a character. This is a simple one-line statement about your character. In situations where this statement applies, you will be awarded a bonus die of 1d8. Minor Qualities are not as grand as a Major Quality and should focus on a character’s achievements.

  • A Minor Quality is used to add additional understanding and expertise or just a talent that a character has with a skill or device. When this quality is used it will award an additional 1d8 to the die pool for that action.

Step Eleven – The Details

If you haven’t already done so, give your character a name and come up with a few more details about their background. You now have plenty of sources to draw from in the form of Background and Role, but consider filling in some of the relationships your character has with the rest of the crew. Are you sloppy or clean? Do you have a habit that the others hate? Is there some detail regarding this ship that you obsess over?

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