February 25

Arcidia: Flesh & Bone: Well it’s that time for an update again.

We are a few short days from kicking off our new RPG, Arcidia: Flesh and Bone Kickstarter. This is the biggest project that Peter and I have worked on. Right now the Alpha rules are running about 60K in words and 102 pages. That is before all the spells, items, monsters or the world setting have been fully fleshed out. Galaxy Inc. our first book, was 91K in words, 241 pages and that is a healthy book. Arcidia: Flesh and Bone looks to be in the neighborhood / north of 150K in words.

I know a lot of my friends and fellow gamers do a lot to help out the community. All I ask is that you help spread the word about the kickstarter. If you can back the project that will be great and would really help. We are really going to need your help with this one.

We really would love to hit the level that Peter and I do the full 5e conversion for Flesh and Blood. There will be basic rules on how to convert into Flesh and Bone so you can take your fav D&D adventures and run them in Flesh and Bone. Adding a fully 5e conversion would be both awesome and makes this project really big by adds several thousand words alone.

Peter and I have been talking about making it a 2 book set, one core rules and character gen then the 2nd for the world setting and monsters. This will depend on the funds raised in the Kickstater.
This is really a big deal for us (Peter and me).We wanted a game that is both fun and easy to learn and still gives you the needed level rules and storytelling ability to play a really truly awesome game. We have really worked hard to bring a quality game to the table.

If you have the time and want to help, tell your friends and other gamers about the Kickstarter. That little bit, helps more than you know.


Dan & Peter

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