January 23

Arcidia: Flesh & Bone

Arcidia: Flesh and Bone

A Survival Horror, Sword and Sorcery, Resource Management Roleplaying Game.

In Flesh and Bone you will be playing one of the tainted, called Blooded. You have been touched by the power and blood of the dead or dying gods.

To most people, touching the blood of the fallen dying god’s means a slow and painful death. But to a small few, those cursed, this touch, this curse, changes them. A small fleck of divine power has melded with your core being, making you one of the people that can fight back in this time of great need. They become hunters of the invaders of this realm, the slayers of the Locust Lords. Those followers of the Locust Lords know those that have been touched, the Blooded.

Some believe that when the greatest of all the gods died, with her last will and divine act, she was able to create the Blooded. This Divine act is the power that makes it possible for mortals of the world to be able to touch the divine and see it for what it is. Some cases use it to unravel the Locust Lord’s power. Some say that with the Goddess death, she made her own Angels.

That is the roll the player will play. The last hope for this world, that has been conquered and overrun with demi-gods.

Two generations ago, a world event happened.

In short, We Lost!

Once, Arcidia worshiped dozens of greater deities and hundreds of minor gods and ancient spirits of the land and other beings that lacked a true divine spark but held great terrestrial power. When the Locust Lords first attacked, they assaulted the realms of the gods; many of the native deities were killed and consumed for while the gods were great the Locusts were thousands strong. For a time, the clerics mourned their gods but eventually people moved forward, struggling to survive in the new world. However, there is a truth unknown to anyone because it was unprecedented before the invasion: gods die slow.

Arcidia was a simple jumping off point and was not considered worth the time and effort to colonize. That was their only mistake. Our world was conquered in months. Our gods died, but they did not fully crush us. They left for whatever was their final destination. This let us build in power, the few Locust Lords that remain were the ones that understood they would never get a bigger place at the table or were too old to move on. Now is our time to strike back.

Locust Lords are deific monsters from another world, these giant insects are demi-gods, capable of touching the divine but still formed of flesh and blood. Some say they can be slain by a mortal’s hands. Each member of their race commands a host of servants, cultist, and “angels” who attend it, as well as ruling their slave population.