September 6

Game Mechanic – Jury-Rigging


The Jury-Rigging skill is used to create or change something in such a way as to make it work in a form that it was not designed to do. Jury-Rig can be used to repair or temporally force something to work that is broken or damaged and in need of repair.

When attempting to use the jury-rigging skill to temporary make repairs, this reduces the rating of the system, and allows you to make the Repair check as a standard action. The net hits needed to fix the system is divided by the net hits the jury-rigging roll. However, a jury-rigged repair can only fix a single problem, and the repair only lasts until the end of the scene. The jury-rigged item must be fully repaired thereafter, and cannot be jury-rigged again until it is fully repaired.

Actions –

  • Kit-Bash – You can use spare and sometimes not so spare parts to create something needed in the moment. This always results in the breaking or at least the damage of an object or system to get the parts needed to create a new item. The item normally will have limited uses set at the time the item is created.
  • By-pass – A damaged system still uses the power it is assigned. By performing a by-pass you can by-pass the damage system and route that power around the damaged area
  • Re-Route – Some systems just use a lot of power and are not needed at times. By re-routing the power elsewhere, you can use it to power other ship systems. Re-Route is also used to give addition power to area that may need them.


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August 27

Game Mechanic – Reaction Pool

Reaction Pool:
Reaction Pool is the measure of how fast a character can react to a given situation and how fast he can get out of the way of an incoming attack. This is a done by adding ability the characters Coordination, Intellect and Will. This will give you the Reaction Time for the character.
Each character will have a pool of reaction points that can be used to modify Reaction Time or for defense. Once a point is assigned to a pool it cannot be used for anything else. If the character does not use all the points in the pool those points are lost at the end of the round.

  • Coordination – To react to something happening.
  • Intellect – How long it takes the mind to get around to realizing that something is happening
  • Will – To override the body’s natural reaction to what is happening.

Reaction pool is spent on 2 things, Initiative and defense.

  • Initiative – Points are spent to go faster in the round.
  • Defense – Points are spent to buy down damage in combat.


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