September 6

Examples of Play

Example of Combat:

Combat is broken in to Phase.

  • Declare Reaction Pool
  • Initiative – 1d8 plus Initiative
  • Declare Action, lowest Initiative to highest.
  • Perform Action, Act Highest Initiative to lowest.


So, using James the engineer again, we know he is not all that good at shooting Bad Guys. Both sides generate their initiative scores. James would roll a 1d8 plus any points he would put into his initiative from his reaction pool. James has 3 Reaction points to assign. James puts 2 points from his Reaction pool into his initiative and 1 point in to defense. James really needs to go first and is hoping for a quick kill.

The Bad Guy gets to just roll a d8.

Both James and the bad guy roll off. James rolls a 5 plus 2 for a total of 7. The bad guy rolls well and gets a 5. James has a better initiative than the bad guy.

The bad guy will declares his actions followed then by James declaring his action. The storyteller tells James that the Bad is not afraid of James and has the bad guy just shoots at James. James knowing he will not do well in a straight up gun fight declares he will use his movement to dive for cover, and then shoot the bad guy.

The storyteller says James can add upgrade to one of his defense dice for the cover. He tells James that he has Soft cover. James, knowing he only has 2 dice to defend with normally really needs that extra dice.

James goes first in combat. James has 1 die in Coordination giving him 1 attack die. But fear not, James has put some training in Ranged Combat and has a skill of 2, giving James a total of 3d8 to roll in this skill challenge. But His Body Attribute is 3. So James can roll all 3 dice and can keep all 3 of the dice. James has does not have any other power-ups or power-downs, so he will be rolling just the 3d8.

James Rolls 4, 8 and a 1. Attacking the basic bad guy, who has a rating of normal also gets the basic 3d8 dice pool. He Roll a 3, 2, 8 and can keep all the dice. Line them up highest to lowest.

James 8 4 1
Bad Guy 8 3 2


The 8’s will block each other as ties always go to the defender. James’ 4 will beat the 3 so that is a hit and the 1 does not beat the 2. James scored 1 net hit. Which you would then record as 1 physical hit on the bad guy sheet. AS the bad guy has a rating of normal he has 3 hit boxes.

Now it is the bad guys turn. He will return fire on James. Once again the Bad guy has just the 3 dice for a normal challenge. James, not being a physical type, only has only 1 in his Coordination and 2 in acrobatics a giving James a total of 3 defense dice. James used his move action to dive for cover and the storyteller promoted a 1d8 to a 1d10. James gets a bad round this time and gets a 5, 3 and 1. The Bad Guy rolls his 3d8 and rolls really good getting a 7, 8, and 5. The bad guy will get 3 hits. That is bad news for James.

James had 1 reaction point that he put into his defense pool. James is hit with 3 points of damages and will spend his 1 defense point to buy down the damage this round. James only has 2 physical hit boxes and took 2 hits. James will be knocked out. This will end the combat for James. He will not be killed until all 10 of his hit boxes are full. James will be out for the rest of the combat or until he can get medical aid.