September 15

Game Mechanic – Skill Challenges

A Skill challenge is any obstacle that a character needs to overcome, whether it is combat, opening a locked door, hacking a computer, or even social encounters.

The skill challenge roll in Galaxy Incorporated is:

Derived Ability Score + Ranks in a skill = Die pool

The number of keep dice is limited by the Core Attribute

The die pool is based on your attributes plus your skill ranks and any extra dice added for any qualities or specialties you made have that would apply. To this you will add any bonus dice for other characters or actions that may give you extra dice or promote or demote dice.  Once you have gotten your pool of dice.

All dice are rolled vs the die pool for the challenge.

All dice are roll in a batch, called a die pool. The die poll is made up of all dice normal, specialty, promoted, demoted and Quality Dice. This pool is used to determine the number of net hits.

Once the die pool is rolled, arrange them high to low. Compare them to the die pool of the storyteller who will roll a number of dice equal to the challenge level. Looking at each die, if your die beats the storytellers die you have 1 net hit; if the storytellers beats yours get 1 net hit. If the dice tie then the defender will win that net hit.

The Core Attribute score that the skill is listed under is the Maximum number of dice that can be kept in a skill challenge after rolling. Sometime in a skill challenge die pool the player will have more dice in their pool then there core attribute. Any dice over the core attribute are still rolled. But the number of keep dice cannot exceed the core attributes value.

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September 12

Spot Light – Backer Level: Corporate Citizen Play Tester

Have you ever want to have a say in how a game works or change that rule that always annoyed you or just plan did not make any sense. I know I have! We took that into account when creating this kickstarter project.

With the Corporate Citizen Play Tester Backer Level, you get to see section of the rules before the others kickstarters get to. You get to review them and suggest changes on rules and other aspects of the game. The Peter and I will listen to what you have to say and if the rule changes you suggest fit the overall theme and feel of Galaxy Incorporated, we’ll use them. That simple.

OK, so that is great and all, but how does it work?

Once a month or so, we will send out a new section that we need reviewed and share it out with the Corporate Citizen Play Tester. They will review it, talked about it. Edit my bad spelling. Play with the rules with your group and then give us feedback. Peter and I will review everything we get back. See if it fits what we are trying to do and add what fits in to the core rules. Then, when it is time for the large group to play test, we will send it out to them.

“And we’ll add your name to the Galaxy Incorporated credits page as a play tester.”

We believe in giving credit where credit is due. By you helping us by play testing and reviewing the rules, we will list you as play testers. We will give you full credits right along with the other play testers that have been play testing the game with Peter and me.

With your help, we are able to make the game faster and at a lower cost to everyone. This may not sound like a lot. But it cost around $1200 each time we send the document out to be edited. Normally a game is reviewed 3 to 4 times while in draft. By having our backers play test and review our body of work, it cuts the overhead for everyone.

But Dan, does that mean you won’t use and editor?

NO… Absolutely Not! Editors do more than just correct my bad spelling. They balance the game for flow, readability and content. Editors also look for other writing aspects that make them invaluable to a game designer. We have an editor that does mostly gaming editing on contract. She will be doing all the finial edits of the game.

One of our goals is to build a game that people have a passion about. We thought the best way to do that is to give the player, you, a part of the control of the game design. I know, that is unheard of, but in the end you are the ones that will be playing this game.

Peter and I want you to have as much passion about this game then we do.



Support Galaxy Incorporated RPG

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September 11

Galaxy Incorporated broke 50% Funding

We have some GREAT NEWS!!! WE broke 50%. That is really a big thing. Hitting 50% on opening day gives us a really great start and the odds are now in our favor for funding.

So it is time to announce that some of the other artists that will be doing some work for the project. This project keeps getting better and better.

Peter Sage will be 15 pieces of art for us and as the kickstarter grows we will be adding additional pieces of art from Peter. His work can be seen here:

Simon Crowley Just signed on to do the Maps for this Project. He does really great work. Here is some of his work:

You guy really Rock! Lets keep this rolling. Please post or link to this kickstarter. Here


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September 8

Chapter 7 Planets

Most planets in Galaxy Incorporated are Terra-formed worlds. Mega-Corporation will pay a good price for new world that has not been registered in the Roll of Worlds. This is really the only way for a Mega-Corp to grow, add new worlds. But this takes time, a great deal of time. But, Mega-Corps don’t think in the terms of years so much as they do in terms of centuries. It can take 150 or more years for a world to be Terra-formed and then seeded with the correct organic life.

Once a new planet is found it is classified by an AI drone that is dropped off at the planet. Once it is confirmed that no sentient life forms are on the planet it becomes a new dump planet.

Dump Planets are planets where all the refuse from hundreds of world is simply dumped. Once enough matter has been placed on the planet, which normal takes about 50 years, the Terra-forming begins.

Terra-Forming a dump world start with millions of replication nanites being dropped off at the planet. They start converting the refuse in to useful matter. That matter will become the building block to Terra-form the planet. This can take up to 100 or more years.


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September 7

Game Mechanic – Damage

There are 3 type of damage, Physical, Mental and Social.

Physical: Hits are applied to the BODY Hit Boxes: Any damage that is done form a physical form. If a player is shot or stabbed, that is physical damage. As is a Psychic using a Telekinesis to slam a player into a wall. The type of attack does not set the damage type.

Mental: Hits are applied to the MIND Hit Boxes: If the player would receive damage via a mental attack. Psychic and other mental damage would be applied here.

Social: Hits are applied to the SPIRIT Hit Boxes: Any time the player enters in to social combat and they would take damage it would be social damage. Social damage is not fatal damage, it does not heal like other damage.

Damage is easy to calculate in Core Worlds. The number of net hits pass what is need is damage. A character has 3 hit boxes type. The types are passed on the 3 main core attributes. Body, Mind and Spirit. These are called Hit boxes. Each hit box has 10 damage boxes. Each damage box has a number of hits equal to the core attribute score. Using James again, he has the following attributes. Body of 2, Mind of 4 and Spirit of 6.


If James took two hits to the body he would be on the verge of being knocked unconscious. If he took 2 more point of damage, for a total of 4 hits to the body he would fall unconscious. If he took 8 more hits he would be dead.

If James took the same 2 hits to his mind he would be able to take 3 more hits before he was knocked unconscious. If he took four hits to his mind that would render them unconscious if he took six more hits that would kill him.

James could offset the damage he receives by taking a condition in place of the damage. If the damage received would be beyond his core attribute then he would have to take a long condition. If it’s under his core attribute he could take a short condition.

If James was to take 4 hits to the body he would have 2 conditions. He can choose to take the conditions or be out of the fight. He is not dead, just out of the fight. If James took six more hits to the body than his character would be dead. The storyteller will make the call. If it was a boxing match he could have been just knocked out. If it was in deep space and was taking hits due to lack of oxygen, well, he is most likely dead.

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September 6

Game Mechanic – Jury-Rigging


The Jury-Rigging skill is used to create or change something in such a way as to make it work in a form that it was not designed to do. Jury-Rig can be used to repair or temporally force something to work that is broken or damaged and in need of repair.

When attempting to use the jury-rigging skill to temporary make repairs, this reduces the rating of the system, and allows you to make the Repair check as a standard action. The net hits needed to fix the system is divided by the net hits the jury-rigging roll. However, a jury-rigged repair can only fix a single problem, and the repair only lasts until the end of the scene. The jury-rigged item must be fully repaired thereafter, and cannot be jury-rigged again until it is fully repaired.

Actions –

  • Kit-Bash – You can use spare and sometimes not so spare parts to create something needed in the moment. This always results in the breaking or at least the damage of an object or system to get the parts needed to create a new item. The item normally will have limited uses set at the time the item is created.
  • By-pass – A damaged system still uses the power it is assigned. By performing a by-pass you can by-pass the damage system and route that power around the damaged area
  • Re-Route – Some systems just use a lot of power and are not needed at times. By re-routing the power elsewhere, you can use it to power other ship systems. Re-Route is also used to give addition power to area that may need them.


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August 29

Getting Close to Kickstarter Time!

September 10th… Remember that date. September 10th. Not only is that my birthday, but it is the release date for Galaxy Incorporated. Peter and I have been working hard on get it this far. I have talked to several very good artist. Right now we have 30 pieces of art that we have commissioned for this project.

Right now here is the main artist:

Bradley K. McDevitt (profile). We have already commissioned 15 pieces of new art from Bradley and are looking to get more.

And were would a project be with out a master to do the page layout.

Eloy Lasanta (profile). Eloy is designing the page layout for Galaxy Incorporated.

The project is getting very very close.

One last link for you. Here is the preview of the kickstarter. Peter and I are recording the audio part of this this weekend. If I can get the darn microphones to record at something other then a whisper


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August 27

Game Mechanic – Reaction Pool

Reaction Pool:
Reaction Pool is the measure of how fast a character can react to a given situation and how fast he can get out of the way of an incoming attack. This is a done by adding ability the characters Coordination, Intellect and Will. This will give you the Reaction Time for the character.
Each character will have a pool of reaction points that can be used to modify Reaction Time or for defense. Once a point is assigned to a pool it cannot be used for anything else. If the character does not use all the points in the pool those points are lost at the end of the round.

  • Coordination – To react to something happening.
  • Intellect – How long it takes the mind to get around to realizing that something is happening
  • Will – To override the body’s natural reaction to what is happening.

Reaction pool is spent on 2 things, Initiative and defense.

  • Initiative – Points are spent to go faster in the round.
  • Defense – Points are spent to buy down damage in combat.


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