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Galaxy Inc-Quick Play

Quick Play Rules

CaptainFaceGalaxy Incorporated is set in the far future after a galactic event nearly wiped out the human race. Because of the lost and devastation the governmental bodies could no longer feed or house the people that were displaced by the galactic war. Swarms of nanites and rouge AI systems were wiping out the humans as fast as they could find them. Mega-Corps were the only powers left that had any chance of saving what was left of the human race.   A deal was made, the government would be left to solely fight the war that raged on the boarders and the Corps would rebuild. Shortly thereafter the first world AI was put into place. The only AI that had the power and understanding needed for this was the Jump Core AI. The World Ai was given new instructions. Rebuild the human race and supply resource for the galactic war that was raging on the boarders.

The galaxy is run by Mega-Corporations with the help of worldwide Artificial Intelligence systems. These AI systems oversee the needs for every corporate citizen. The corporate citizens are carefully monitored by local AI systems that link to a world AI to help the bureaucrats balance all resources for everyone. Famine and disease are things of the past. Everything a citizen could ever need or want is provided for.

Skill Challenges

A Skill challenge is any obstacle that a player needs to overcome. Whether it is combat or opening a locked door or even hacking a computer, it is a skill challenge that will resolve all these issues. Even social conflicts are resolved using the skill challenge rules.

All Skill Challenges are resolved mostly the same way.

When figuring out the die pool to use and what to dice to keep.

Derived Ability + Skill = Die Pool.statsSM

The Core Attribute of the ability is the Maximum number of dice that can be kept in a skill attempt. Skill challenges are broken in to a 3 main types of challenges based on the three core attributes. The first is a Physical Challenge. This is the most common challenge for most common actions. Whether you are pick a lock to by passing a security system, it is a physical challenge. Social Challenge when someone is putting a player in a social conflict. Whether it is peer pressure or someone is trying to out debate you. Lastly is the Emotional Challenge. This is the hardest to try and classify. When one of the other challenges does fit. This is the default.


There are 6 steps to resolving a combat skill challenge.

  1. Combat is a series of skill challenges linked in a natural progression. Generally combat is broken in to stages called actions.
  2. Initiative (each player rolls one D8 plus their Initiative pool modifiers.)
  3. Players and NPC Declare actions in reverse Initiative order (the slowest declares first). Once an action is declared you may not change your declared action. Those with the faster Initiative can hear what those with the slower Initiative are doing and can base their action on those facts.
    1. Actions: When declaring actions the player and NPC declare a simple action statement. I am going to move and shoot. Or a player can declare I am ducking for cover and trying to hack the door locks. Most NPC will simple declare a Shoot and move options. Sometimes the NPC may have a set of actions that they need to complete as well. Simple statements are all that is needed. But if the statement is too vague and does not define what the players or NPC are doing the storyteller will need to ask for a clarification.
  4. Resolve action in Initiative order (the fastest goes first).
  5. Any out of combat actions.
  6. House Keeping

Reaction Pool: 

Reaction Pool is the measure of how fast a character can react to a given situation and how fast he can get out of the way of an incoming attack. This is a done by adding the characters Coordination, Intellect and Will. This will give you the Reaction Time for the character.

Reaction pool is spent on 2 things, Initiative and defense.

• Initiative – Points are spent to go faster in the round.

• Defense – Points are spent to buy down damage in combat.

Skill Challenge

A Skill challenge is any obstacle that a character needs to overcome, whether it is combat, opening a locked door, hacking a computer, or even social encounters.

Skill Challenges are resolved in mostly the same way. Gather the number of dice from the Derived Ability that the skill uses as well as the dice of the skill ranks being used. This will be your Dice Pool: Derived Ability dice + Skill dice = Dice Pool.

Combat Pools

Physical Combat


Coordination + Range Combat Skill = Ranged Combat Pool

Brawn + Close Combat Skill = Close Combat Pool


Coordination + Acrobatics = Range Defense pool.

Brawn + Athletics = Close Combat Defense pool

Mental Combat


Ability + Skill = Die Pool.


Intellect + Resolve = Mental Defense Pool.

Social Combat


Ability + Skill = Social Combat Pool.


Reasoning + Resolve = Social Defense Pool.


Power-ups and power-downs

The rules system incorporates varying degrees of success or failure, allowing for more than simple pass-fail results. The dice system standardizes on d8s with a basic power-up and power-down mechanic. A power-up is any advantage that a character may have in the course of completing a task, and is represented by upgrading a d8 to a d10. Conversely, a power-down disadvantage downgrades a d8 to a d6. Power-ups and power-downs cancel each other out, so an advantage due to knowledge may offset a disadvantage due to positioning, leaving the d8 unmodified.


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