February 25

Arcidia: Flesh & Bone: Well it’s that time for an update again.

We are a few short days from kicking off our new RPG, Arcidia: Flesh and Bone Kickstarter. This is the biggest project that Peter and I have worked on. Right now the Alpha rules are running about 60K in words and 102 pages. That is before all the spells, items, monsters or the world setting have been fully fleshed out. Galaxy Inc. our first book, was 91K in words, 241 pages and that is a healthy book. Arcidia: Flesh and Bone looks to be in the neighborhood / north of 150K in words.

I know a lot of my friends and fellow gamers do a lot to help out the community. All I ask is that you help spread the word about the kickstarter. If you can back the project that will be great and would really help. We are really going to need your help with this one.

We really would love to hit the level that Peter and I do the full 5e conversion for Flesh and Blood. There will be basic rules on how to convert into Flesh and Bone so you can take your fav D&D adventures and run them in Flesh and Bone. Adding a fully 5e conversion would be both awesome and makes this project really big by adds several thousand words alone.

Peter and I have been talking about making it a 2 book set, one core rules and character gen then the 2nd for the world setting and monsters. This will depend on the funds raised in the Kickstater.
This is really a big deal for us (Peter and me).We wanted a game that is both fun and easy to learn and still gives you the needed level rules and storytelling ability to play a really truly awesome game. We have really worked hard to bring a quality game to the table.

If you have the time and want to help, tell your friends and other gamers about the Kickstarter. That little bit, helps more than you know.


Dan & Peter

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September 12

Spot Light – Backer Level: Corporate Citizen Play Tester

Have you ever want to have a say in how a game works or change that rule that always annoyed you or just plan did not make any sense. I know I have! We took that into account when creating this kickstarter project.

With the Corporate Citizen Play Tester Backer Level, you get to see section of the rules before the others kickstarters get to. You get to review them and suggest changes on rules and other aspects of the game. The Peter and I will listen to what you have to say and if the rule changes you suggest fit the overall theme and feel of Galaxy Incorporated, we’ll use them. That simple.

OK, so that is great and all, but how does it work?

Once a month or so, we will send out a new section that we need reviewed and share it out with the Corporate Citizen Play Tester. They will review it, talked about it. Edit my bad spelling. Play with the rules with your group and then give us feedback. Peter and I will review everything we get back. See if it fits what we are trying to do and add what fits in to the core rules. Then, when it is time for the large group to play test, we will send it out to them.

“And we’ll add your name to the Galaxy Incorporated credits page as a play tester.”

We believe in giving credit where credit is due. By you helping us by play testing and reviewing the rules, we will list you as play testers. We will give you full credits right along with the other play testers that have been play testing the game with Peter and me.

With your help, we are able to make the game faster and at a lower cost to everyone. This may not sound like a lot. But it cost around $1200 each time we send the document out to be edited. Normally a game is reviewed 3 to 4 times while in draft. By having our backers play test and review our body of work, it cuts the overhead for everyone.

But Dan, does that mean you won’t use and editor?

NO… Absolutely Not! Editors do more than just correct my bad spelling. They balance the game for flow, readability and content. Editors also look for other writing aspects that make them invaluable to a game designer. We have an editor that does mostly gaming editing on contract. She will be doing all the finial edits of the game.

One of our goals is to build a game that people have a passion about. We thought the best way to do that is to give the player, you, a part of the control of the game design. I know, that is unheard of, but in the end you are the ones that will be playing this game.

Peter and I want you to have as much passion about this game then we do.



Support Galaxy Incorporated RPG

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September 11

Galaxy Incorporated broke 50% Funding

We have some GREAT NEWS!!! WE broke 50%. That is really a big thing. Hitting 50% on opening day gives us a really great start and the odds are now in our favor for funding.

So it is time to announce that some of the other artists that will be doing some work for the project. This project keeps getting better and better.

Peter Sage will be 15 pieces of art for us and as the kickstarter grows we will be adding additional pieces of art from Peter. His work can be seen here: http://www.artofpetersaga.com

Simon Crowley Just signed on to do the Maps for this Project. He does really great work. Here is some of his work: http://i.imgur.com/IgecLjD.jpg http://i.imgur.com/qIbuP2n.jpg

You guy really Rock! Lets keep this rolling. Please post or link to this kickstarter. Here


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August 29

Getting Close to Kickstarter Time!

September 10th… Remember that date. September 10th. Not only is that my birthday, but it is the release date for Galaxy Incorporated. Peter and I have been working hard on get it this far. I have talked to several very good artist. Right now we have 30 pieces of art that we have commissioned for this project.

Right now here is the main artist:

Bradley K. McDevitt (profile). We have already commissioned 15 pieces of new art from Bradley and are looking to get more.

And were would a project be with out a master to do the page layout.

Eloy Lasanta (profile). Eloy is designing the page layout for Galaxy Incorporated.

The project is getting very very close.

One last link for you. Here is the preview of the kickstarter. Peter and I are recording the audio part of this this weekend. If I can get the darn microphones to record at something other then a whisper


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